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CAPA Application


Creative and Performing Arts Program

Churchill High School

8900 Newburgh Road

Livonia, MI 48150


Name ____________________________________ Phone number (      ) _____________________

Address ____________________________________City _____________Zip Code___________

E~Mail Address of student: _____________________________________________________

E~mail address of parent/guardian: _____________________________________________

Present Grade Level ______      Date of Birth ____________

Student Number (if you have one) _________________

Parent/Guardian Name _________________________ Phone (      ) ________________________

Present School of Enrollment ________________________________________________


What high school are you scheduled to attend? (circle one)     Churchill       Franklin       Stevenson

Area of Specialization/Interest (please check one)

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Vocal  ____


Describe briefly your background in your area of interest: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Write a brief paragraph explaining why you want to participate in the CAPA program:



Recommendations: Please attach one letter of recommendation from present or former teachers (public or private) within your area of specialization

Statement of Commitment: It is understood that participants in the CAPA program must be willing to participate in rehearsals, performances and productions.


Student Signature __________________________________________ Date ________________________

Please send your application to: Ms. Hillman, Director of CAPA CHS 8900 Newburgh Road Livonia, MI 48150 or e~mail your application to

You will receive a phone call or e~mail  to schedule an audition.

We look forward to meeting you!