Photos of CAPA’s 2014 production of HAIRSPRAY! So proud of our amazing show!! 

IMG_6415 IMG_5737 IMG_5738 IMG_5751 IMG_5754 IMG_5759 IMG_5766 IMG_5781 IMG_5790 IMG_5802 IMG_5805 IMG_5809 IMG_5815 IMG_5820 IMG_5840 IMG_5842 IMG_5854 IMG_5881 IMG_5886 IMG_5889 IMG_5901 IMG_5906 IMG_5915 IMG_5941 IMG_5957 IMG_5967 IMG_5975 IMG_5985 IMG_5991 IMG_6011 IMG_6017 IMG_6026 IMG_6037 IMG_6039 IMG_6062 IMG_6072 IMG_6080 IMG_6086 IMG_6097 IMG_6118 IMG_6141 IMG_6157 IMG_6161 IMG_6165 IMG_6167 IMG_6171 IMG_6173 IMG_6176 IMG_6196 IMG_6202 IMG_6204 IMG_6211 IMG_6222 IMG_6224 IMG_6228 IMG_6232 IMG_6236 IMG_6239 IMG_6247 IMG_6274 IMG_6275 IMG_6299 IMG_6303 IMG_6312 IMG_6351 IMG_6357 IMG_6373 IMG_6387


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