1.  Do CAPA shows have assigned seating?    Most do.

2.  Can I choose my seats?  When ordering tickets, we will give you the best available seats at that time.

3.  Can I shoot my own video or record sound ?  No – Video Taping and recording is prohibited. Flash photography is not allowed!!

4.  What time should I come to the show if I’m picking up my tickets? The box office will open one hour prior to show time.  CAPA shows start at 7:30 PM.

5.  I want to subscribe to the mailing list, is my e-mail address safe with CAPA ?  Yes – CAPA will not share your e-mail.  A new way of sending out e-mail to members has been adopted.  Not even other members of the e-mail list will get your e-mail address from CAPA.   Anyone who chooses to be removed from the list,  will be immediately.

6.  Where is the Black Box located ?  The Black Box is located in the front of the building next to the Carli Auditorium at  Churchill.

7. Where is Carli Auditorium ( Churchill’s main auditorium) located ?  Churchill High School is located at 8900 Newburgh rd., Livonia.  Just north of Joy rd. east side of Newburgh.  Carli Auditorium can be found as soon as you enter the main entrance to the school off Newburgh.

8. I have not seen any pictures of my child on the web site.  Why not ?  Livonia Public Schools requires permission of parents (The CAPA Contract) to be submitted by students signed by their parents before their picture will be on the web site.  The webmaster tries to showcase as many students as possible.  Early into the season, we have no pictures of freshmen, that is why they are not on the web site right now. (But they will be)  As a point of information,  Livonia Public Schools does not permit the posting of students names on the web site.

9. I have a child that would like to audition for CAPA but is afraid they won’t get in because they have no prior training.  How much emphasis is placed on formal training prior to joining CAPA ? Dance candidates need to have some ballet training, even if they get it just prior to entering CAPA.   CAPA is more interested in attitude and desire than ones prior training.  Remember you are joining CAPA to be professionally trained.

10. My child is already in CAPA will she have to re-audition every year to stay in CAPA?  NO candidates for CAPA audition only once to get into the program.