CAPA Curriculum

Beginning Ballet ( Levels I & II )

Students learn the specialized vocabulary of Ballet.  Emphasis is on clarity of movement.  The course includes practical, written and historical components.

Beginning Modern Dance ( Levels I & II )

Students learn proper alignment and fundamental elements of time, space, energy, and flow.  Improvisation will serve as a method of movement exploration.  Practical and written components are included.

Advanced Ballet ( Levels III & IV )

A continuation of Beginning Ballet.  Emphasis is placed on accuracy, execution, performance and technique.

Advanced Modern Dance ( Levels III & IV )

A continuation of  Beginning Modern Dance.  Emphasis is placed on technical proficiency, aesthetics, ensemble, awareness and performance.

Personal Fitness For Dancers:  (Levels III &IV)

This course is imbedded in advanced modern.  It focuses on health and fitness, earning dancers one of  their required PE courses.  Eligible participants have to be 3RD or 4TH year CAPA dancers and must remain in the program until graduation.

Beginning Vocal Techniques ( Level I )

Introduction to the human voice and its application as a musical instrument.  Study and analysis of the physiology of the larynx.  Emphasis placed on the basic elements of solo singing with each student approached as an individual talent.  Italian language diction is introduced.  Practical and written components are included.

Intermediate  Vocal Techniques ( Level II )

A continuation and refinement of the concepts introduced in beginning Voc-Tech.  The individual singer will be encouraged to grow in areas of range, artistic freedom, vocal styles, and more advanced repertoire.  Many performance opportunities are presented.

Advanced Vocal Techniques ( Level III & IV )

Expansion upon principles of sound vocal mechanics with in-depth coverage of advanced concepts in vocal science.  Each singer will venture into more challenging venues of vocal study.  German language diction is introduced.  More performance opportunities are presented.

Music Theory ( Beg-Level I; Adv-Level IV )

Level I includes the basic skills of the music systems and notation required of all successful musicians.  Level IV adds sight reading, harmonization, and composition.  Part writing is introduced.

ACTING ONE  ( Level I )

Basic stage directions and theatre terms will be introduced. Extensive units in Pantomime, Storytelling, Masks and Puppetry will be explored. Students will learn the basics of Scene Writing beginning with two person scenes and ending with full group scenes. Reflective essays will also be assigned.


Students will create original scripts including monologues and scenes and will perform these scenes. Extensive character development is emphasized along with a poetry and interpretive reading element. Reflective writing pieces and reviewing the work of others will also be included.


Students will continue writing and performing original works as well as the works of well known playwrights. Stage Makeup and basic directing techniques will also be explored.


Students will develop audition pieces for their future in the business as well as create a portfolio. The portfolio will include recommendation letters, applications for schools, cover letters, resumes and photographs.  Writing, performing and a strong unit in self reflection will be emphasized. This class creates a class show that is written, directed, tech directed and performed by the students in class. This show is performed for all strands of CAPA.

MOVEMENT ( two semesters required for all students )

This class focuses on proper body alignment, and maximum use of the body while performing.  It aids the actor / singer in feeling comfortable in his / her body.  Critical in performance, movement takes the performer into the realm of dance – introducing tap and musical theatre dance forms.